Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy focuses on creating an immersive learning environment that helps students increase their content understanding and retention. Specifically, I use the following techniques in the design and execution of my courses.

  • Create a classroom environment that encourages student engagement.
  • Integrate lectures with meaningful, real-world examples connected to the learning concepts.
  • Use active learning methods to enhance in-class collaboration among students.
  • Provide a platform for self-learning outside the classroom environment.
  • Keep a friendly and approachable attitude and welcome feedback from students.
With computer science being a rapidly evolving field, I realize that an important characteristic of effective teaching is being open to including new methods. I stay up to date on research in Computer Science Education and aim to incorporate relevant aspects into my teaching philosophy.


Washington and Lee University

Fall 2021
  • CSCI 397 - Computer and Network Security
  • CSCI 111 - Fundamentals of Programming I
Winter 2021
  • CSCI 321 - Computer Networks
  • CSCI 210 - Computer Organization

Fall 2020

  • CSCI 112 - Fundamentals of Programming II

University of Illinois at Chicago

Summer 2019